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Adidas NMD // 18 Montrose, Kings Cross Launch 

Analog to Digital was the aim of the game for Adidas this July, with their tagline ‘Past empowers future’ for Adidas NMD.

What is NMD? Adidas News Stream stated:  “Driven by a desire to experience. Inspired by the past but always looking to the future. When constantly on the move, objects bring meaning to a high-paced life.”.

With no hashtag, or location available on social media, the event oozed a sense of exclusively, with a high-profile guest list of London’s bloggers and influencers. Guests gathered in Kings Cross for the launch of the new store 18 Montrose. The store was developed by fashion distributor and marketing firm Four Marketing. The beautifully designed store intends to provide a glimpse into collections ahead of a national roll out.

Adidas transformed the store for their launch, projecting the new Adidas NMD collections onto screens, displaying pieces beneath glass, pinning negatives above the scanning station, all whilst top DJs boomed fresh tracks. At the event, there were over 250 unique polaroid photos created – a successful launch for 18 Montrose!


The event was stripped back to the analog age when social media, selfies and digital filters didn’t exist! It provided a platform for guests to be in control of their own photo experience. With classic Polaroid cameras on hand for them to use, they could capture polaroid photos of themselves and their friends standing against live backdrops.

Afterwards, the guests could apply cool acetates (physical filters) to the photos, which consisted of different colour shades, text overlays and abstract images. The polaroid photo with the applied acetate filter could be scanned and printed. However, with there being no event hashtag, content was not shared online. Instead, it remained a unique and personal keepsake! The scanned visuals were then projected on the big screen, in a slide show format.

The event produced original content which exposed the uniqueness of the Adidas brand NMD. It was a visual journey produced by Hybrid creative agency, Studio Juice.


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