Aura photo booth x Ralph Lauren


Tie dye is making a comeback and Flashmat couldn’t be happier about it! Ralph Lauren have been leading the way with their oversized tees and psychedelic hoodies. At Selfridges on Oxford Street, as part of their tie-dye pop-up, guests were invited to have their aura read in the Flashmat Aura Photobooth.

What was the activation?

Flashmat collaborated with Ralph Lauren and well known creative agency Spring Studios to set-up an immersive and colourful space in the world famous Selfridges store. Flashmat teamed up with Ralph Lauren to bring the hippy vibes back to life. This was as part of their Polo Ralph Lauren tie-dye campaign collection at their pop-up store in Selfridges in Oxford Street London.

What is the Flashmat Aura photo booth?

Ralph Lauren took a trippy departure from the norm for their #PoloRLstyle. The brand was giving their customers the opportunity to drape themselves into the swirly tie-dye and boldly hued basics. Visitors were invited by our brand ambassadors to step into the bespoke photo booth and pose for a reading of their aura. The colourful halos surround guests and the striking 1-pose photo could be printed or shared on Instagram instantly.


The Flashmat next generation photo booth uses our advanced facial recognition technology to capture people’s faces and interpret their individual unique energies as colourful halos.

As each colour held a different meaning, the guests were able to read their aura significance
relating to one’s overall energy or mood, from optimistic to eclectic to nostalgic.
The store also featured an LED light frame around the ceiling, picking up the colours and turning the store into a colourful playground of personal discovery.

What was the outcome?

The Aura installation was huge success – it ran over 30 days with over 2,100 guests having their aura read and read on-line of >300k. A great number left with smiles on their faces and a sense of positivity!