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Bicester Village Roaming Photographer



Flashmat recently partnered with luxury shopping outlet Bicester Village to promote the launch of their new shopping program Privilege, which offers exclusive additional treats across all the Village brands and boutiques. It is the home to over 160 luxury brands, which include Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Dior and Pandora. The only exception: Visitors can save up to 60% on the recommended retail price all year round!

Flashmat provided an on-site Roaming Photographer to capture guests enjoying their visit. Guests were treated to an impromptu photoshoot around the iconic village. Our Roaming Photographer not only provided a stunning visual memory for guests to take away with them but doubled as a Brand Ambassador, promoting Bicester’s new exciting service Privilege.


This unique setup allowed us to freely move around the site and capture candid shots of relaxed guests enjoying a stress-free shopping experience, the festive feel of fairy lights, Christmas trees and sleighs as well as the functionality having images immediately sent to their emails, easily accessible for them to share on their social media sites; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc…

We worked with Bicester Village to create a personalised email template that were sent out in real time to guests with their photo attached. For Bicester Village, the emails displayed beautiful imagery, and invited users to sign up to Privilege via a link.


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