Brainwave Photography



Have you ever wondered what your thoughts look like?

We pulled out all the stops for a client showcase at our offices with brainwave photography. 

Client brief 

We enjoy hosting showcases at our office to give clients a chance to interact with different setups to reach their desired effect. For this showcase, we presented our Brainwave photography, Aura booth, Doodle booth and set up a high end photo shoot. Our bespoke solutions combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to bring fun, interaction and brand engagement.

Our solution 

We asked people to wear an EEG headset, which amplifies brain signals and records brain activity as wave patterns. As a result, thoughts, memories and emotions were transformed onto a screen as colourful shapes. We captured the brainwave artwork as striking projections on the user. 


Brain waves were captured as individual threads to form colourful waves. The outcome was completely unique to each person – offering an insight into their own conscious and subconscious. It isn’t every day you get to see your brain activity as art, displayed on-screen! 

Brainwave photography is a great example of how we like to combine creativity with technology to create personal live generated content for people at events. We aim to produce eye-catching results, not only in the form of high quality photo and video content, but as unique pieces of art people can share online. 

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