The Doodle Sketch booth

In a meeting, on a call, in the corner of your notebook or an old invoice, we all doodle. Those little sketches made by our subconscious can tell us a lot about ourselves and our personality. Doodling actually keeps you focused by creating just enough stimulation to prevent your brain from reverting to its default state, or “spacing out.”

“Your doodle is more than just an unproductive drawing”

This is what we explored at Flashmat by creating a unique experience for the D&AD creative festival in May 2019 at the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, London. The festival is a three-day creative spectacular celebrating the world’s best in craft, creativity and culture. 4,000 creatives from across the industry came together to connect, learn and stimulate new thinking for the year ahead.

At Flashmat we link technology, creativity and psychology to create an experience that encourages people to play with and create their own, unique social media content. So we partnered with D&AD to combine freedom of expression (via doodling) with cutting-edge technology by taking on the Festival theme of “Shaping the Future”.

“Doodling is an uninhibited form of self-expression”

The Doodle Sketch Booth allows people to be filmed whilst sketching for 30 seconds on glass, and follows up by taking a photo of their creation. Guests are then invited to print and email their masterpiece as well as their 15 second time lapse video. Afterwards they can consult our Doodle Dictionary created especially for this experience, which collates 30 of the most popular doodle meanings.



A social media MOMENT : The Doodle Sketch Booth creates a social media moment that can be shared across multiple platforms. It produces bespoke content that can be associated with #doodlesketch and any other requested hashtags on Instagram, twitter etc.

An emotional EXPERIENCE : Doodling is a personal moment in their day. Our experience gives you the opportunity to express yourself on big blank canvas, creating a space to throw all your emotions onto and discover the inner workings of your mind and personality…

A playful SPACE : Our Doodle Sketch Booth is a playful space during the event you have the freedom to express your subconscious personality and creativity. Alone, with your loved one or with friends, the experience generates happiness.

During D&AD festival over 550 people experienced the Doodle sketch Booth. Over 150 doodle’s were shared across Instagram making it one of the most attractive stands of the festival, with a reach of over 200k.

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