Institute of Primal Colour - Eye Photo Booth


Flashmat collaborated with Bompas & Parr x Valspar paint to create an immersive experiment / activation called the Institute of Primal Colour  at WhiteSpace over 2 days. This activation featured a plethora of multi-sensory experiences designed to explore our relationships with colour. We created an Eye Photo Booth to capture the unique colour and composition of each users’ eye.

We took some spell-binding macro close-up shots of guests’ eyes and rapidly processed these digitally, uploaded to Instagram and printed the photos, partnering with Bompas & Parr and the photographer Rosie Reed Gold. The booth took each shot with careful balance of light and the right focus.

Guests were amazed by their unique identity, colour, patterns and marketings of their eyes which were featured on a colour wheel in the ‘Star Pupils’ section.

What was the activation?

Eyes macro close-up

The Institute of Primal Colour featured a plethora of multi-sensory experiences designed to explore our relationships with colour. The experiences featured in the event were produced by the University of Oxford. The activation explored how senses such as touch and smell can relate to the colours you like and even impact your mood. To top off the journey you get to sit back and relax with a personalised cocktail created based on your favourite hues.

How was Flashmat involved?

We were tasked to create an engaging photo element that would integrate into the experience. The Flashmat Eye Photo Booth was part of a bespoke setup, featuring a ring lighting and macro lens to capture the amazing colours and patterns that are completely unique within the structure of each person’s eye. Working with Bompas and Parr as well as their photographer Rosie Reed Gold we were able to rapidly process digital and printed content which was then featured on a colour wheel in the Star Pupils section.

What was the outcome?

The Eye Photo Booth proved to be an integral part of the experience and was shared frequently online and gave guests a personal print-out take away from the event. This did a great job of promoting Valspar and The Institute of Primal Colour across social media to online friends and prompted many comments on photos.

Eyes macro close-up