Content Awards 2017



Flashmat are over the moon to be up for nomination for the Best Creative Content Idea using video, for The Drum Content Awards 2017!

In April 2017, we worked with BMB agency to create a video booth for runners at the 2017 London Marathon for client New Balance. The booth was based around the brand’s #MyFutureSelf campaign for runners to film themselves writing an inspiring, motivational message in advance of the race. The video booth created striking films which were edited and clearly branded for effective use on social media.




After the event, our analytics team at Flashmat studied the data collated and could see heightened spikes of engagement minutes before the race began. This powerful, emotive content led runners to reopen their emails, and watch their personal videos again to spur them on.

At Flashmat we value personalized content which is evocative, powerful and connects a brand to its user. We have found video to be a great tool in creating this content, and sharing a message to a large audience on a personal level.

See you at the Content Awards! And as always, thanks for all the support thus far!




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The Flashmat Next Generation Photo Booth has features such as GIF/Social Media/email upload/ Green Screen/ filters and Competition functions, which take beautiful and personalised photos that capture unique moments. Flashmat Photo Booths can be fully customised with branding and tailored to meet an event’s aim and theme. They are compact, sleek and modern, and can be easily installed in any space.

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