JUDY Video Booth X Pathé



We let guests recreate their own JUDY moment with our bespoke video booth. Joining Pathé ‘behind the rainbow’ at the premier of JUDY at Hippodrome casino in London. 

Client Brief 

The feature film JUDY pays homage to Judy Garland’s life, after reaching global stardom in the hit ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Now, thirty years later, Judy will embark on a journey that will make her, ‘The World’s Greatest Entertainer’. 

Pathé invited us to create an immersive video experience for guests to enjoy at the premier. The client requested that we incorporate content from the film and key JUDY branding.  

Our Solution: A dazzling video booth 

At Flashmat, we are always looking for new ways to create immersive content. Above all, we enjoy merging live footage with beautifully collated digital content. 

We transported guests to the heart of the film by building a bespoke app. The app edited the live video footage and added branding to produce striking 14 second video clips. Guests also received a high quality photo print as a souvenir. 

The Flashmat team encouraged guests to grab their friends and woo the camera. Guests were handed bright purple feathers, as featured in the film to recreate their own JUDY moment. 


Our bespoke app emailed guests their video immediately ready for instant sharing on social media. This led to a reach of approx. 80k users across Instagram once videos had been uploaded. And left viewers eager to buy a movie ticket and witness the magic of JUDY!



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