Reebok // #BeMoreHuman // Dublin

The Chocolate Factory Arts Centre in Dublin hosted a day of brand engagement and fun for Reebok. The event was split into two separate sessions. The morning session ‘Reebok Fitness’ welcomed bloggers, fitness enthusiasts and influencers to take part in a challenging fitness routine, panel discussion and a tasty lunch. Panel members included, Reebok Women’s Ambassador Rozanna Purcell, Ireland’s first MMA World Champion Aisling Daly and viral fitness YouTuber Rob Lipsett. The sleek and compact Flashmat photo booth was there to snap us these sweaty moments!




The Reebok Delta symbol represents the positive and transformative change that fitness can have on a person’s life. The three distinct parts represent the physical, mental and social changes.

After the guests had take their photo on the Flashmat photo booth, they could write on their print outs how they intend to fulfil the physical, mental and social promises to themselves. They then pinned their photo onto the Delta symbol backdrop and shared their personalized photo on social media with the hashtag #BeMoreHuman.

Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman is now in its third year of its global “Be More Human” campaign, which stresses the transformation that happens when we move physically, mentally and socially. The campaign is taking place across TV, print, online and through live activations and events like this one!




Later in the day, the second part of the event ‘Reebok Classic’ was ready to commence! With a ping pong table in place, barber shop and Reebok merchandise on show, Flashmat changed over to GIF mode to capture fun, stylish GIFs. The GIFs printed as cool 4 pose strips. Guests could also pose in the latest Reebok gear!

The event was a great way to boost brand engagement with Reebok and bring together fitness enthusiasts to share their journeys. It was also a chance for people to view the latest reebok range and take a fun photo on the stylish Flashmat GIF photo booth!


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