Spotify USA: Kenny Chesney


Spotify x Kenny Chesney Photo Activation

It’s official – Flashmat have gone global! Flashmat has jumped across the pond for a summer of engaging and live content for leading music provider, Spotify.

Flashmat have collaborated with Spotify to provide a live Photo activation for one of the biggest country artists of all time, Kenny Chesney’. His  ‘Trip Around The Sun’ tour around the U.S.A went to 19 major stadium sell-out concerts (to 30k – 60k fans), across 50 states from April – August 2018. 

What did we do?

Flashmat produced a live photo activation to activate the Spotify brand at Kenny Chesney’s concerts and connect country music fans with the exclusive ‘This is: Kenny Chesney’ playlist created by Spotify. The Spotify photo activation is exclusive to Spotify users. Our friendly and enthusiastic team of Brand Ambassadors encouraged people to download the Spotify app and follow Kenny’s greatest hits on the ‘This Is: Kenny Chesney’ playlist whilst they waited in line for their photo. 

Over the course of four months, the Spotify photo activation lit up stadiums across the U.S with a life size Kenny Chesney backdrop, studio lights and a branded photo booth to replicate the album cover of one of his top singles ‘Get along’. Each week the activation welcomed queues of people, who were eager to engage with Spotify.

Kenny Chesney

 “These pictures are such good quality, thanks so much!”

“wow, I love Spotify! This is so cool of you guys to be here.”


The Spotify photo activation provided attendees with a branded photo memoir of themselves and friends enjoying the concert, which they could proceed to print and share on social media with #TripAroundtheSun while tagging @kennychesney and @spotify. What an awesome take-away to celebrate Kenny’s shows.

What are your favourite Kenny Chesney tracks? Why not head over to Spotify and have a listen to the new ‘This is Kenny Chesney’ playlist!


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