Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Flashmat teamed up with Mediacom to provide a branded -up booth for client Audi, at a premium screening of the newly released Star Wars film, The Last Jedi at Bafta, Picadilly.

This was a unique cinema experience for guests! Mediacom immersed guests into the futuristic world of Star Wars before entering the screening room. The guests posed in front of the customised Star wars photo booth on the Star Wars space ship, alongside a Star trooper with lightsabers in hand! They could email themselves the photo and then print out their customised photo. We placed the print outs in stylish branded wallets that guests could take home.



The Flashmat photo booth’s sleek and compact set up was the ideal fit for this futuristic environment. The Flashmat photo booth is ideal for events such as cinema screenings and press events; as well as product launches and private parties.


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The Flashmat Next Generation Photo Booth has features such as GIF/Social Media/email upload/ Green Screen/ filters and Competition functions, which take beautiful and personalised photos that capture unique moments. You can install the compact Flashmat photo Booth quickly and easily in any space. You can add your branding to the unit and print outs, and all content can be shared online. 

The Selfie Box provides portable printing for customised photos shared via your smart phone onto social platforms with an event hashtag. The Flashmat Polabox is stylish and compact, printing personalised polaroid photos where you can apply branded stickers.

Flashmat is available for all your brand campaigns. Check us out on Instagram to view our recent events.