Ted Baker aura photography


Ted Baker Pop-up

If you haven’t recently paid a visit to London’s quirkiest tube stop, Old Street station, maybe it’s time to change your commute! Ted Baker have set up their contemporary art gallery inspired pop-up shop, which showcases their colourful capsule collection ‘Colour By Numbers’.

The five-week long pop-up will run from 26th March – 4th May 2018 in Unit 3. People can drop by to shop the latest collection, sign up for a weekly Wednesday yoga session that incorporates light and colour therapy and enjoy aura photography.



During the pop-up, (for an exclusive set of dates only!) Flashmat are setting up aura photography with on-site printing and sharing from the Flashmat next generation photo booth. Here, the camera will pick up people’s individual energies, take a photo and apply a colourful halo around them. Users will be able to print a branded print out with their aura, share on social with #colourbynumbers and find out what their aura means by looking at the aura description board.


A glimpse into what some of the colours represent

Deep red: grounded, realistic, active

Light green: growth, nature, balance

Blue: calm, clarity, intuition


Flashmat aura photography is available on 7th April, 14th April (12pm – 3pm) and 28th April (12pm – 6pm). Why not pop down and see us! 



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The Flashmat Next Generation Photo Booth has features such as GIF/Social Media/email upload/ Green Screen/ filters and Competition functions, which take beautiful and personalised photos that capture unique moments. You can install the compact Flashmat photo Booth quickly and easily in any space. You can add your branding to the unit and print outs, and all content can be shared online. 

The Selfie Box provides portable printing for customised photos shared via your smart phone onto social platforms with an event hashtag. The Flashmat Polabox is stylish and compact, printing personalised polaroid photos where you can apply branded stickers.

Flashmat is available for all your brand campaigns. Check us out on Instagram to view our recent events.