Conran GIF photo booth for Be Cool Be Nice



Be Cool, Be Nice  @ The Conran Shop 

Flashmat created excitement with Flashmat next generation GIF photo booth to support the global anti-bullying campaign, ‘Be Cool, Be Nice’ by partnering up with The Conran Shop.We created a cool and colourful Flashmat next generation GIF booth for the launch of The Be Cool, Be Nice book.

The event was hosted by leading design brand, The Conran Shop; home to iconic interior designs and modern furniture pieces. Celebs, media and influencers were invited to The Conran Shop’s flagship store in Chelsea to celebrate the launch.

Guests entered a world of colour as they strolled through the big double glass doors towards the hand painted Be Cool Be Nice branded wall. A stylish branded up Flashmat GIF Booth was there to greet them instantly, for their branded 4-pose strip GIF. Users were encouraged to get sharing online with the hashtag #becoolbenice to post their GIFs directly from the Flashmat GIF booth.


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“I aim to treat others as I want to be treated.”

-Kendall Jenner on the Be Cool Be Nice campaign

The campaign looks to tackle the global issue of bullying, which has led to an epidemic of cyber bullying taking place via social media. Be Cool Be Nice encourages us all to interact and use social media in a positive way. The book is a collation of digital features and social media; utilizing Snapchat filters and celebrity to spread its message to all ages.


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