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Go Your Own Way / Toyota Aygo

We are excited to be apart of Toyota and The & Partnership’s “Go Your Own Way” campaign for Toyota Aygo. The campaign features the stories and personalities of four UK drag queens, Stella Meltdown, Le Fil, Alfie Ordinary and Liquorice Black, with a series of documentary-style films and poster ads. Their unique and flamboyant personas are the perfect match for the Toyota Aygo car. A small and stylish car which empowers you to “Go Your Own Way” and be self-expressive.

The final stint of the activation was held at Westfield, Stratford City where Performance artist Le Fil created Britain’s first live, 3D, interactive car poster. Members of the public could take to the stage for their own personal poster ad with the Toyota Aygo car.

Flashmat set up a sleek camera set up in front of the stage with a Maxi box sharing station. Users could find their photo on the Maxi box and proceed to email and print themselves a branded take away. Flashmat also set up instant sharing to Toyota’s Instagram page @GoYourOwnWayToyotaAygo – which tagged users in their Instagram framed photo.

The activation was a huge success! Across social media there was a reach over 1 million and huge excitement from shoppers (seen by over 10k people) as many took to the stage for their “Go Your Own Way” poster ad and shared on social with #GoYourOwnWay.

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